7 Remarkable Heliopsis Varieties: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction to Heliopsis Varieties

The genus Heliopsis, commonly recognized as the false sunflower, brings a splash of color and charm to any garden. This perennial plant, indigenous to North America, is known for its vibrant daisy-like flowers that bloom abundantly from summer to fall. The diversity within this genus in terms of heights, flower colors, and foliage types gives gardeners a plethora of options to find the perfect Heliopsis for their landscapes.

The Allure of Heliopsis: A Garden’s Gem

The resilience and longevity of Heliopsis plants make them highly desirable. Flourishing in USDA hardiness zones 3 through 9, these plants are drought-tolerant and can withstand full sun exposure. Their striking yellow flowers are a favorite among butterflies, adding an extra layer of vibrancy to your garden.

Heliopsis helianthoides: The Sunflower Lookalike

The Heliopsis helianthoides, often called the ox-eye daisy or smooth oxeye, is one of the most favored Heliopsis varieties. Its bright yellow petals encircling a dark brown center give it a striking resemblance to the classic sunflower. With a maximum height of 6 feet, it’s an ideal choice for adding vertical interest and color to garden borders and backgrounds.

Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra: A Unique Spin on the Classic

The variant Heliopsis helianthoides var. scabra, also known as the rough oxeye, is recognized for its coarse leaves and stems. While its flowers mirror those of the parent species, they feature a deeper golden hue. It is somewhat shorter than the standard Heliopsis helianthoides, typically reaching around 4 feet in height.

Heliopsis ‘Summer Sun’: Your Garden’s Ray of Sunshine

For those seeking a more compact plant, Heliopsis ‘Summer Sun’ is a perfect choice. This cultivar, which grows up to 3 feet tall, boasts semi-double flowers that infuse any space with their radiant golden yellow color.

Heliopsis ‘Burning Hearts’: A Dose of Drama

The Heliopsis ‘Burning Hearts’ variety is a recent addition to the Heliopsis family. Its dark purple foliage juxtaposed with fiery yellow and orange flowers creates an intriguing contrast that can serve as a stunning focal point in any garden.

Heliopsis varieties

Heliopsis ‘Tuscan Gold’: A Star Performer

The Heliopsis ‘Tuscan Gold’, an award-winning variety, is worthy of mention. It distinguishes itself with large, golden-yellow flowers and a compact growth habit. Its resistance to diseases and adaptability to different soil types make it a reliable and visually appealing addition to any garden. Read more about Heliopsis cultivation in our article on essential tips sunfinity sunflower cultivation.

Heliopsis ‘Sunstruck’: Small in Size, Big on Impact

The dwarf variety, Heliopsis ‘Sunstruck’, is an excellent choice for smaller spaces or front-of-border arrangements. Despite reaching only about 1 foot in height, its variegated leaves and plentiful golden flowers ensure it stands out.


In summary, the Heliopsis varieties offer a rich and varied selection suitable for any garden setting. These durable and vibrant plants not only fill your outdoor spaces with radiant color but also attract beneficial pollinators. With careful selection, the appropriate Heliopsis variety can turn your garden into a mesmerizing oasis of color and vitality. For more information, visit Wikipedia.

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